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Who We Are

We represent full professionalism in the assembly and disassembly of all types of scaffolding. We operate freely in the private and industrial sectors and we’ve gained many years of experience in the markets of Western Europe and Scandinavia. We are proud of the high quality of doing complicated orders.

About us

E.S.G Group was found in 2015. Its founders are people who dedicated their careers to the comprehensive solutions in the field of scaffolding assembly and disassembly. The created company which helped to materialise knowledge and experience gained by working with biggest companies from the offshore, construction and energy industries from all over the world. Thanks to the commitment and continuous implementation of modern solutions in a short time E.S.G. has become an entity with which the largest global companies matter. Our main capital are people, which is why we put special emphasis on professional training for employees and increasing awareness of Occupational Health and Safety. As a professional service provider, we don’t accept shortcuts in any field, we’re here to help you and your company with solutions, and change the way you think about working in difficult conditions. Thanks to us, even the most complex projects become a reality.

Working area

Our working area are the Western Europe and Scandinavia. We’re working with the most demanding clients who during the implementation of projects pay special attention to employee safety and care for the workplace environment. Meeting high requirements allows us to maintain the highest level of service while maintaining the highest QHSE standards. Our employees are at the front line when it comes to image and perception of us by our clients. We care for a high level of knowledge and awareness of the employee in the field of occupational health and safety, and we provide employees with the best personal protection equipment. Thanks to the implementation of regular project inspections and the cooperation of our QHSE department with clients, we maintain a high level of security of conducted works.

Way of working

Our team of coordinators and personnel specialists operates based on the highest standards. Activities on projects are closely monitored, thanks to which each of our clients is informed about the progress of work. Our fitters’ teams have the knowledge and all the tools to be able to perform inherently dangerous work at heights without undue stress or unpreparedness. In our activities, we don’t tolerate ignorance, because it’s the first step to provoke situations that directly threaten the health and life of people on projects.

We work responsibly

We support ecological activities. Our employees are actively involved in environmental protection, supporting the actions of Greenpeace and WWF Foundation. We can’t stand aside and pass by indifferently to the problems our planet is currently facing. We support adoptions of endangered species and adoptions of bees. Our goal is to change thinking and pay special attention to protecting endangered species or reducing industrial pollution. Sorting waste, saving water or energy are simple steps to help our planet in this hard fight. The most important thing is to start with ourselves, if we care for the environment and look after our „little brothers”, the next generations will be able to experience the beauty of nature and live in a healthy world free from pollution.

Thanks to effective cooperation between our employees’ team and supervision, we successfully implement our slogan: „No harm to personnel”.


What makes us different

Our team consists of a group of qualified employees with professional certificates that authorize to implement projects on the Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, German or Dutch market. In all the projects, we are characterized by:


There are several hundred fully qualified workers in our team. From the scaffolding fitter to the highest positions in the company, a number of training courses are done to improve skills both in theoretical and practical sphere.


Project planning, implementation and finalization of activities remain under the constant supervision of our qualified staff. Meticulous financial calculations and analysis of the challenges of a given project allow us to meet the client's budget.


Time is money, according to an old proverb. However, there are issues that you need to allocate a specific amount of this valuable factor to be able to safely and easily go through the processes needed to complete the order.

Our success is the success of our clients! Your satisfaction is our main goal!
Work with us!


Our priorities

Our priorities are continuous improvement of work by training our employees, using standardized protective equipment and clothing for our employees, qualified supervision and paying special attention to the environment in the planning process of each project. Our priorities are:


We don’t accept shortcuts in terms of security. This is the main element that is not subject to any compromises at every stage of our business.


We employ qualified employees who, thanks to the trainings organized by us, constantly improve their knowledge and skills, thus guaranteeing high quality and safety of our services.

Environmental Protection

We support environmental protection and the protection of endangered species. Did you know that bees are the only insects producing food for humans? During only one harvest, a single bee "visits" almost 100 flowers.


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Customer Service


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+48 91 887 61 26

Reliable customer service is our priority, if you have any questions, please contact a team of qualified specialists who will surely answer your question. We provide knowledge and all tools to implement your projects in the scope of our offer.

Please contact us from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm.

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