ESG Work

We specialize in building industry and professionally approach issues related to employment and
development of our employees. We recruit our employees with full comitment, also for our clients.

We create group of specialist in our industry.

Looking for employees

Constant progress is our everyday life and we will gladly recruit staff you need right know. Our
employees regulary undergo training and implement themselves professionally, creating an unique and
vibrant team with whom work is pleasant.

Together we create a candidate profile to find out exactly who you need and based on it we will recruit so
you can always be sure that the best of the best has been selected. You can keep an eye on the whole
recruitment or just let us handle it and wait for the final result, the decision is yours.


As an employee, you are an important part of our success. Beacause of that, we make every effort to
support and face challenges at work. We support your education and faciliate career development in our

Looking for a job

As our employee, you are an important link in our company, which is why we make every effort to
support you from the very beggining of recruitment.We give every necessary information about specific
position which you are interested in and also about training related to it. We continually look for
employees to do many of our clients’ projects. We also look for workers from Ukraine and help with
legalization of labor and residence law.

You’ve got any questions? Please contact us, we will give you all of the information.


Reliable customer service is our priority, if you have any questions, please contact a team of qualified specialists who will surely answer your question. We provide knowledge and all tools to implement your projects in the scope of our offer.

Please contact us from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm.


(+48) 91 887 61 26


(+48) 91 887 61 26


(+49) 175 448 3097


(+47) 402 35 041

Contact us: (+48) 91 887 61 26 /


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