§ 1
General provisions
  1. E.S.G. Sp. z o.o.’s residence is near Technopark Pomerania (Office Center) st. Cyfrowa 6, 71-441 Szczecin, KRS 0000594800, DISTRICT COURT IN SZCZECIN-CENTRUM W SZCZECINIE, XIII COMMERCIAL DIVISION OF THE NATIONAL COURT REGISTER, NIP: 8513190530, REGON: 363399529. Protection of personal data is compatible with generally applicable legal requirements and are stored on secured servers.
  2. We respect a right to privacy and care about safety of data. To this end among others the protocol of secure communication encryption (SSL).
  3. Personal data provided by you in the forms available on are treated as confidential and are not visible for unauthorised people.
§ 2
Data controler
  1. E.S.G. Sp. Z o.o. is the administrator of its clients and potential clients data. It means, if you gave your personal data on our page we can process your data: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, job position, workplace, IP address.
  2. Personal data are converted:
    1. In accordance with data protection regulations,
    2. In accordance with implemented Personal Data Protection Policy,
    3. In scope and purpose necessary to determine, shape the content of the Agreement, change or termination, as well as to properly implement the Services,
    4. In scope and purpose necessary to realization of legitimate interests (legitimate goals) and process do not violate rights and freedom of a person,
    5. In scope and purpose consistent with the consent expressed by the Client.
  3. Every data subject (if we are the administrator) has a right to access the data, change it, delete or limit convert, right to protest, right to fill a complaint to supervisory body.
  4. Contact with the supervisor of the personal data conversion in the Service Provider’s organization is possible by e-mail:
  5. We reserve the right to process data after the end of Agreement or withdrawal of consent only I scope of investigation of eventual claims before the court or if national, EU or international regulations oblige us to keep data.
  6. Service Provider has a right to share User’s personal data and their other data to authorized entities based on the applicable law (e. g. Law Enforcement Agency).
  7. Removal of personal data can happen in case of withdrawal of consent or legal protest against personal data’s conversion.
  8. Service Provider do not share personal data to other subjects than authorized based on the applicable law.
  9. We have implemented data encryption and have introduced access control, which helps minimize effects of possible data’s security breach.
  10. Personal data is converted only by people authorized by us or by a person who we work closely with.
§ 3
  1. Our website is using cookies. They are small textual files send by network server and stored in browser computer software. When browser connects with site again, the site recognizes the type of device the user is using. Parameters allows to read information only by server which created it. Thanks to this, cookies help use websites visited before.
  2. Collected information concern IP address, type of used browser, language, type of operating system, internet service provided, information about the date and time, location and information send to site via the contact form.
  3. Collected data is used to monitor and check the way users use our websites in order to improve functionating website, providing more effective and unproblematic navigation. We monitor information about user with help of Google Analytics, which records user’s behaviour on site.
  4. Cookies identifies the user, which helps adjust content on the site to their needs. Remembering your preferences helps adjust advertising addressed to them. We use cookies to guarantee the highest standards of our service’s convenience and collected data is used only in Revest company to optimize actions.
  5. On our website we use following cookies:
    1. “Necessary” cookies which allow to use our services on the website, e.g. Credentials cookies used to services discerning credentials on the site;
    2. Cookies used to provide safety, e.g. used to detection of fraud in the field of website’s authorization;
    3. “Efficiency” cookies allow to collect information about using website.
    4. “Functional” cookies allow “remembering” selected by the user settings and interface personalization, e.g. in terms of the language or user’s region of origin, the size of the font, the appearance of the websites;
    5. “Advertisement” cookies allow users delivery of advertising content more customized to their interests.
  6. User can turn off or reset the option of cookies anytime changing settings in browser.
  7. Additional personal data such as e-mail address are collected only there where the user agreed by filling the form. Above data are saved and used only to needs necessary to do


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