Assembly and disassembly


Assembly and Disassembly of Scaffolding

The main scope of our company’s activities is the assembly and disassembly of all types of scaffolding, both in the industrial and private sectors. We provide comprehensive advice on what type of scaffolding to use on a given project.

The application of a specific solution depends on the specification of the object and the conditions in which the scaffolding can be used. Each building or structure determines the use of a specific type and type of scaffolding.

In our offer we have assembly and disassembly in relation to criteria proposed below:

Construction of the structure:

Way of usage:


Load transfer, anchoring:

The cooperation and mutual correlation of these elements makes the slogan
“Personnel Security” our motto.

We have successfully carried out many complicated projects in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Our team is a fully qualified and experienced staff, possessing professional certificates and qualifications to perform assembly works in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and BENELUX countries. Coordinators running teams carrying out orders have training in people management and knowledge of foreign languages to be able to freely carry out the investment in consultation with foreign contractors and their representatives.

We also offer health and safety training to individual clients and companies, and organize courses and examinations for specific professional qualifications required when taking up work in individual countries (e.g. the course of the Polish IMBiGS fitter, Swedish STIB qualifications or the SCC or VCA certificate) and first aid courses medical treatment.

Our success is the success of our customers! Your satisfaction is our main goal! Work with us!

Professionalism, efficiency and timeliness are the basis for this. Safety, responsibility and care for the environment are very important factors, which is why we are constantly working on awareness and practical application of knowledge in the field of OHS / QHSE by:


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Reliable customer service is our priority, if you have any questions, please contact a team of qualified specialists who will surely answer your question. We provide knowledge and all tools to implement your projects in the scope of our offer.

Please contact us from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm.

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